What is a plugin: Definition and types of WordPress plugin

What is a WordPress plugin and types of WordPress plugin? You have already had the revolutionary idea of your product or service and are now at the stage of your management / creation of your WordPress site.

Whether your site is already created or not, here is a tool that will improve the capabilities of this one: the WordPress plugin.

Definition of a WordPress plugin

A WordPress plugin is an essential tool to improve some aspects of your WordPress site. A plugin, or extension in French, is a module that joins your site to extend your options and features. There are thousands to meet any type of need.

Many of them are free, but some are paying. If you want to buy one, do some research in order to collect opinions and comments that will help you in your choice.

Compatibility and security

Note that extensions are created by people who do not work directly for WordPress, so be careful about the compatibility and security of these with your own platform.

For compatibility: just check if the chosen WordPress theme can work with the desired plugin.

As for security: we advise you to choose from the WordPress directory and not on a third party site. If your WordPress plugin has not been updated for some time, beware, because the flaws are likely to be in greater numbers, which the hackers like.

Free WordPress plugins

Askimet is an extension that allows you to create a real dam anti spam. Quiet enough, he will manage to capture 99% of spam.

Disqus makes you appreciate the comments. Making them easier and more interactive, Disqus is fully customizable for better publications management.

SEO worthy of an expert

SEO is the tool that will allow your site to go up in search pages. Here are the essential WordPress plugins in SEO:

Yoast is the most complete extension in SEO. It allows you to see an extract of your SERPs, optimize your page titles, meta descriptions and keywords. Yoast automatically analyzes the SEO of your site and makes recommendations to help you perfect it.

SEO Smart Links helps you for the internal mesh of your site. This WordPress plugin automatically links your keywords to phrases, articles or pages on your site.

For a good performance

WP Super Cache is an extension that will save you a lot of traffic on your site. This WordPress plugin creates a statistical version of your site that will be published as dynamic content when your site is too busy.

WP Smush it takes care of your images. Without human intervention, your extension reduces the size of your images without affecting their quality. This allows your site to load faster, and therefore to have a better SEO SEO.

For a security worthy of the FBI

Plugin Security Scanner launches once a day an analysis of all your WordPress plugins to observe flaws. If faulty plugins are detected, Plugin Security Scanner will send a notification to the WordPress administrator.

Block Bad Queries blocks bad requests that arrive on your site.

To make your site an e-commerce site

Woocomerce is the most famous extension to make your website merchant. It is perfect for small and large businesses. It allows you to sell physical products or services, online, or to ship easily.

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Add a WordPress plugin to my existing site

You now know what a WordPress plugin is. You also know what are the different types of extension that can exist. Installing them on your existing site is a relatively simple manipulation. If you have trouble integrating your WordPress plugins, La Fabrique de Blogs is at your disposal.

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