What CMS In WordPress: WordPress is a CMS. Free and free, it is distributed by the automatic company under the GNU GPL v2 license. This license provides copyrights but also user rights that aim to preserve the freedom to use, study, modify and distribute the software and its derivative versions.

WordPress is based on the technology pair of the PHP and MYSQL programming language for database management.

At its launch in 2003, it was mainly presented as a blog management tool but it quickly evolved through a large community and a license permissive to become a complete site creation tool.

Today WordPress is the dominant CMS, used by a quarter of websites on the web. This popularity is due to many criteria. The first of them is without doubt its simplicity of use which makes it a tool accessible to all, without having necessarily to master the languages ​​of web programming.

It has many themes and plugins which offers great possibilities, two points discussed later in this article.

What CMS in WordPress?

Used on 50% of websites on the web in 2019, WordPress is the number one CMS. But what is a CMS, what is WordPress and why such a success? These are the topics discussed here.

The letters C.M.S are the initials of Content Manager System or in French a content management system. CMS is a tool for putting online and administering dynamic sites.

A CMS is a set of scripts and files to be deposited on a web server. In the majority of cases, it is necessary to link it to a database, but there are some that manage their data in files like plug Xml.

CMS offers a system of themes (or templates) that manages the appearance and design of a site and a system of plugins that can extend the functionality. They also allow administering and managing the content of a site by several people.

Today, the main generalist CMS are WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. We also often find Prestashop which specializes in e-commerce and online sales.

What is a WordPress plugin ?

If you are new to WordPress, you may be wondering what a WordPress plugin is.

This is a fairly common question to ask because, in addition to being one of many new terms that WordPress will introduce into your vocabulary, plugins are also an essential component of every WordPress site.

Then we’ll give you some tips on where to find WordPress  plugins and how to manage them on your site.

Themes for design

A theme is what gives its appearance to a website managed by WordPress. There are many, free as paid and are easy to install.

Themes allow you to dress the site, but they can also bring features. For example, a theme created for restaurant owners could offer an online table reservation system.

More generally, there are often functions such as sliders that are supported by themes. Be suspicious, however, because a theme that offers features is only a benefit if they are used correctly.

Indeed, if these options are not used, they will unnecessarily increase the site which will then win the title of “gas plant”. Another case often encountered is the duplicate use of a feature, both by the theme and by a plugin.

Be careful though if you decide to use a free theme because those found on the web are very often infected by hidden advertisements and malicious functions.

It is imperative to go through a reliable website to download them as the official WordPress theme catalog. The reliable theme shops are also listed by WordPress.

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