How to submit the sitemap to Google ?

You have two options to manually submit your sitemap to Google. It is also recommended to add a reference to your site map in your robots.txt file.

Just add the URL pointing to your sitemap in the very first or last line of your robots.txt file:


Option # 1: Manual Ping

     Option # 2: The Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools)

Additional information on the subject:

Option # 1: Manual Ping

You can use a simple ping command, which you enter in your browser’s address bar, to submit a sitemap to Google. The website will be scanned by the crawler as soon as possible.

How does the sitemap file help your website?

Usually, web crawlers discover new web pages from links made by other websites. The sitemap file allows crawlers that support this protocol to collect all of this information and related metadata at once.

The sitemap file allows you to inform the search engines about the pages of your website. It is often easier for search engines to find all your web pages if you use a sitemap file.

Is a sitemap file essential for good SEO?

No, generally a well-built website does not need a sitemap file. The sitemap protocol does not guarantee that your web pages will be integrated into the search engine indexes, but this greatly facilitates and improves the quality of the crawlers’ work.

The sitemap file is useless, then?

No, in addition to guaranteeing optimal indexation, it is often unavoidable. It responds to particular problems related to the use of specific technologies (Flash, Javascript, etc.) or to websites of several thousand pages.

Sitemap and positioning

We must be careful not to confuse indexing and positioning in the search results. Indexation means present in the database of search engines. However, a web page can not go out in the search results, if it is not indexed.

A sitemap helps search engines find your web pages but does not help you get better search engine rankings. When these index your pages, they must find pages with optimized content and good back links. The search engines will position you well only if you have both.

The sitemap protocol can help you inform search engines about your web pages. Remember: Successful indexing is the first step in successful SEO.

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You can find more information about the new sitemap standard on the official sitemap website. It can also be interesting to visit the Google sitemap and the Ask index page.

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