What is contact form 7?

Contact form 7 is a simple contact form in WordPress and it comes up with pre build text fields. You just need to setup few settings and paste a short code on the page, where you want to appear your contact form and your contact form is ready to use for visitors.

What is contact form and why should I use contact form on my blog?

Contact form is just a web page on the site, where visitors can contact to the site owner or site admin to get answer of their queries or send feedback. This form is beneficial for both: site owner and visitors.

Although some website did not use contact form, they place an email address instead of contact form. This raise more chances of spam on their support mail inbox. So creating a contact form page with text field is wiser step than just showing an email to contact.

So let’s see, how to use and setup ‘contact form 7’ step by step-

Hover you mouse on plugin area and click on add new.

Add new plugin

Now type ‘contact form 7’ in search area, click on install and activate the plugin.

Install contact form 7

Here click on setting option and it will redirect you plugin              setting area.

contact form 7 setting option

contact form 7 configuration

Here you can see ‘contact form 7’ short code and other options too. you can also reach at this page by hovering you mouse on contact area and click on contact forms.

To setting up our plugin setting, hover your mouse on contact form 1 and click on edit.

contact form 7 short code and setting

Now you can see a default field of contact form already created by contact form 7 plugin.

contact form 7 fields setting

If you want to add other tags in your contact form, you can do      so. Just click on any tag button that you want to add in your          contact form and a short code will automatically generated by      plugin. Place that short code where you want to appear that        tab in your contact form.

Remember one thing, Contact Form 7 reCAPTCHA will only work if you have already integrated Google reCAPTCHA, so before adding reCAPTCHA, you need to integrate it.

contact form 7 recaptcha

To add Google reCAPTCHA, click on integration section under the contact tab in left side bar.

contact form setting capcha

In this screenshot you can see, we already configured Google reCAPTCHA. So you need to click on Google reCAPTCHA link to get site key and secret key.

Google reCAPTCHA key

If you clicked on Google reCAPTCHA link than you will redirected to this page.

Google captcha

Click on my reCAPTCHA than login page of Google account will appear.

If have Google account than login here, if not than create new one.  After successful login the new page will be look like this.

Google captcha setting

Scroll down little and you can see these setting. On first text area field you need to provide your Label name, you can type anything you want but typing name as given example in label area will be more appropriate.

Second section related to reCAPTCHA type, choose any reCAPTCHA Version that you want to enable on your site. In Domain text area, paste your domain URL. Check the reCAPTCHA terms of service button and click on register.

Google captcha keys

Copy those site key and secret key and paste in contact form 7 integration area where these keys are required and save keys.

Google reCAPTCHA key

Now we need to access form setting tab area.

Click on contact form section and and hover your mouse on form, edit option will be visible. Click on edit and you can access these tab section area again. If you are already on tab section area than ignore these steps and click on reCAPTCHA tab.

contact forms tab area

Now we need to configure reCAPTCHA tag.

Tag setting

As we want to our reCAPTCHA is a required field so we select required field check box. Leave other setting area as it is and click on insert tag. If you know, how other settings work than you can configure it?

reCAPTCHA setting and placing

Now you can see a tag code has been added in form. As most of you want to show reCAPTCHA tag before submit button. If you want to show before submit button than select reCAPTCHA short code and press CTRL+X and paste this code before submit tag. Our reCAPTCHA has been successfully added. Scroll down and hit save button.

Now click on mail section and you can see these options.


Mailer setting in CF7

In first ‘To’ text area types your email, where you want to receive contact form 7 all mails. if someone contact you through contact form, you will get email on your email address that you type here. You can configure other areas setting if you want but for a simple contact form we configured everything. So scroll down and hit save button and copy that short code which you can see at the top.

Add new page in WP

After copying contact form short code, we need to paste that short code in a page or where we want to show our contact form.

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To create a new page hovers you mouse on page section and choose add new. If you already created a contact page than choose all pages.

contact page in WP

Give your page name and paste the short code in body text area. Hit publish button and after published visit your page how it looks like. Check everything is OK and if not ask in comment here. We are here to help you.

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