Add Menu in WordPress

Add menu: Menu is the list bar of our website. In menu list we mostly add important pages or categories of our website. In this way visitor can clearly understand, which list contain specific item.

A good website always provides clear navigation to its users. If you want add Menu list in your WordPress blog. First you need to check, does your theme provide menu location or not.

If i am not wrong, you must want to add menu in your header bar but some themes does not provide this option. You can also add menu item in your sidebar and footer area with help of widget.

So if your theme support menu than follow these steps to add menu. First create new pages and categories if you have not created any. Follow these steps to add page and categories.

How to add pages in WordPress

Hover your mouse on pages and click add new option.

page options

On title area, type your page title (EX. Home, contact, privacy policy etc.) area. If you want to add text in your page type it in the blank white text area. Hit publish and you have successfully added a new page. To add more pages you can follow this step again.

How to add categories in WordPress

Now let’s create categories but before creating categories, do you know? How we can use these categories? If your answer is no, let me explain it.

WP have only one default category. If you have not created any category your all post will assign under uncategorized, this is a default category of WP. If you want create lots of post for your blog, you surely want to manage all post and for this, you will put different type post in different categories.

This will help you to manage your post more efficiently. If you assign these categories in menu, your visitors also will able to know, which post they can find in which menu.

To create new category hover your mouse on post from left side bar and click on category.

Create new category wp

On the left sidebar we have created some categories. As you have not created any category so you will see only one default uncategorized category. To create category type name and leave all option blank. Scroll down and hit add new category. Now you can see your category in right sidebar area. Follow these steps again to create more category.

How to add categories and pages to menu in WordPress

Now we add our categories and pages to menu item. To add these, hover your mouse on appearance from left side bar of dashboard. Click on Menu and new page will appear which will look like below page.

Add menus in header

  • First option show pages which we added earlier.
  • To view all pages click on view all.
  • select all pages those you want to add in menu.
  • Hit add menu and you can see all pages added in right sidebar.
  • Now click on categories and it will expand like page.
  • Follow same procedure to add your categories in menu.

On menu structure area you can set menu structure. Click and hold the item and drop at before any category that you want to show first.

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To add sub menu drop it like this.

sub menu item

In the above image categories have two sub item which will be look like this on your site.

category sub item

If you face any problem in these steps, let me know in the comment.

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