Increase Website traffic: Some tips to apply to boost the traffic on your website.

An info graphic by Blog Booster which offers a list (not exhaustive) of actions to set up on your website to increase its visibility on the web and thus get more traffic:

  1. Write for your readers and not for you
  2. Add images in your articles
  3. Make info graphics
  4. Ask your readers to share your articles
  5. Work your SEO (good keywords, and win back links)
  6. Fix broken links (error 404)
  7. Comment on one or more articles
  8. Post your articles on forums
  9. Co-write an article
  10. Quote a blogger
  11. Do an interview with a known blogger
  12. Make a “case study” article
  13. Be hyperactive on Twitter

How to increase the traffic on e-commerce website: 5 high-impact strategies :

Whether you’re trying to attract your first customer or your 10,000th customer, driving traffic to your online store is critical to growing your business. If your website is optimized to maximize conversions, an increase in traffic could result in more customers and more sales.

To help you increase the traffic of your online store, we present in this article 5 high impact techniques that will allow you to attract more visitors, and hopefully, to increase sales.

Post a paid advertising campaign on social networks

To increase the traffic on your websites , blogs , you must be able to reach a qualified audience. With paid advertising on social media, you can create highly targeted campaigns to show personalized ads to potential customers who are more likely to click on your ads and buy your products.

Optimize your SEO and generate organic traffic on website or blogs

When people search for products that are comparable to yours online, it would be ideal for your store to appear first in the search results, since one-third of the total number of clicks is captured by the site ranked first.

Search engine optimization – or SEO – refers to the process of optimizing the content and structure of your website so that it appears in the first search results for relevant keywords.

SEO is a subtle art and will prove useful only if you devote time and effort to studying the rules governing the operation of search engines, such as Google and Bing; to be able to optimize the structure and content of your site accordingly.

Reach new audiences with influence marketing

Influencer marketing refers to the process of making contact and creating partnerships with influencers; for the purpose of promoting your website to new audiences.

Through influence marketing, you can leverage the creativity and reach of relevant influencers in your niche; as well as the trust they have already established with their audiences.

Organize quizzes to generate excitement

While many of these methods may seem like long-term traffic generation solutions, there are also ways to generate ad-hoc traffic peaks on your website.

With viral quizzes, promotions and raffles, you can easily drive more traffic to your store by offering great prices to encourage customers to participate. Offering prizes and awards is an effective way to get current and new customers to visit your online store.

Attract customers with content marketing

By creating interesting, informative and engaging content, you will be able to attract visitors on your online store , websites and blogs for free. From videos and podcasts to guides and e-books, you have countless opportunities to immerse yourself in the world of content and reach new audiences.

Engaging and original content will allow you to position yourself as a thought leader in your niche and associate a lifestyle with your brand.

Generate more traffic, get more customers

With these marketing tactics, you should now be able to create more traffic on your online store.

More traffic will mean more opportunities to convert your visitors into customers. Once your traffic has increased, consider focusing on optimizing your conversion rate.

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