Getting Google AdSense approval is not an easy task for beginners. But in this tutorial, we guide those people who start their career in blogging and wondering how to manage monetizes their website and how they can get approved their website for AdSense.

If you are asking why Google AdSense approval is necessary to show ads on website than let me tell you that Google adsense is only a best platform that pay more than the others platforms. And we need to follow Google strict rules to get approving our website for Adsense.

So, before applying to Google AdSense you need to remember some things and these things we will cover in our article one by one so let’s get started.

  1. insufficient content for visitors

When first we applied to google for AdSense we found that our website has not sufficient content for visitors. If you are running a blog and you have less than 50 posts than don’t apply, your application will be getting rejected.

Although google did not mention anywhere that you should have minimum 50 posts but we assume 50 posts is sufficient content.

  1. Not enough traffic

Another reason we found for disapproving by google our application that not enough traffic, so sufficient visitors is important. Why it is important, suppose your application got approved by AdSense but no one visiting your blog or website.

Will AdSense generate any penny without visitors? So, sufficient traffic on blog is also important. In my opinion 200 to 300 daily visitors is enough to get AdSense approved. Remember, i am talking about visitors not page views.

  1. Duplicate content

Duplicate content could also become a reason to get disapproved by AdSense so make sure that your website has unique content.

  1. Poor website design

Poor website design also is also a reason for disapproving. So make sure your website have user friendly and responsive design.

  1. Short content

Short content could also be a reason for rejection so make sure your articles have enough words to read. But in some cases, like news websites is exception. Because news website publishes news they don’t care about length of the article and Google also aware of that. But for a blog we will recommend 500 words for an article.

So whenever you write an article make sure it’s have minimum 500 words and if it have more than our recommendations than it is great.

That’s all, does your website meet all these quality and have enough visitors than just click on this link ‘Google AdSense’, login your gmail account, follow the instructions and apply for Google AdSense program? After 24 to 48 hours you will get result.

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Hope you like this article if there are any recommendations or you encountered other problem that we did not cover in this article than please comment below we try to short out your problems.