How to create a website using WordPress in 2019, easy guide for beginners

website using wordpress

How to create a website using WordPress

are you wondering? How to create a website using WordPress? You are at right place but if you are thinking, why should I start my blog?  Let me clear it first. Blogging is a platform, where a person shares his life experiences with other people on particular subject.

Blogging is also a field where people help others by sharing their knowledge. While sharing his experience to the others, they earned thousands of dollars with their blog. It depends on their popularity on the niche and how much popular their blog.

So, do you want to start a blog too and like to help others? If yes! Then you are at right place. Here we will guide you, how you can easily build your own website or blog and how you can earn with it. we have made easy and step by step guide for you.

You do not need any coding skills or pay to developer for your blog. You just need some basic knowledge. Basic knowledge means, you should know how things work on the internet and how to use of them.

But before we go further, let me clear one thing first, ‘blog and website’ refer to the same meaning. So do not confuse if anyone say blog or website.

We will help you to build your blog on WordPress because it is very easy and SEO friendly platform. If you never heard about WordPress, let me tell you about it little.

What is WordPress

WordPress is a most popular and powerful CMS on the internet that used to manage content on website. According to some reports at least 30 percent websites, all over from internet powered by WordPress. This open source application is still more popular than the others.

If you used WordPress, over a time, you will figure out, why WordPress is more popular than other CMS.

For building your blog, you just need two things. First, Domain name and second is a hosting.

Do you know, what is domain and hosting? If you don’t know than let me tell you about it.

What is domain and hosting in website?


Domain is a address of a website on internet.,, etc. are the domain names, but these domains are very popular on the internet.

When you want to visit a website, you just simply type a website name in Google (search engine). After that, search engine comes up with some results.

You just simply click on desirable result and reached on particular website. Now you can look at on domain name on the address bar. Which looks something like

Let’s take another example of domain. Now you are reading this article on If you look at on top of browser address bar, you can clearly see ‘’ at the beginning of the URL.

If we remove ‘https://’ than we left with only So is a domain name of our website with ‘.com’ extension.


Hosting or web hosting is a service that provided by web hosting companies. These companies provided you space on their server to host your website. In exchange, they will charged you for their service according to your plan.

Do not confuse hosting Server is also a computer, which is used for hosting service but these servers are different from normal computers.

So building a blog, hosting service is essential.

So first purchase a domain name and hosting service for your blog from a company.

You can purchase domain name and hosting service for your website from blue host. If you are thinking that why are we suggesting you Blue host Company?

Because Blue host is a company which suggested by, you can check about it on their blog.

Blue host provide one click WordPress installation and it is very helpful for beginners.

If you purchased their hosting service, they will also provide you a free domain for your blog. So let’s start ‘How to create a website using WordPress’

Step 1 purchased hosting plan

For hosting plan you can purchase blue host service. click on this link and you will redirected on Bluehost website.

how to make a blog

                                                             (Image -1)

click on get started now and it will open a new page. that looks like ‘image 2’

                                                         (Image- 2)

Here i will suggest you choose minimum or starter amount plan because you are starting a new blog, and you don’t need to pay more. When you receive good amount of traffic, you can change your plan later. so click on basic plan and it will open a new page. that will look like page 3.

Before registering a domain name, we will suggest you, think about a relevant keyword in your mind that suits your blog and try to buy shorten name for your domain with ‘.com’ extension. 

(Image- 3)

As you have no domain for your blog so now type a relevant name for your blog in new domain area and leave it as .com extension.

In new domain text area we typed singing bird and its show that this domain name is not available for us. So we have to find other domain

(Image -5)

If a domain is available for you it will open a new page that will look like page- 5.Now you have to fill your details. if you scroll down you will also see these option like Image- 6. Just leave checked ‘domain privacy protection’ and unchecked all option so you will not pay extra services that not worth to pay.

                                                      (Image -6)

Now pay the amount and you have successfully purchased domain and hosting service for your blog.

Step 2 Install WordPress

Here we go, now you have domain and hosting. so, first, login to your C Panel account. You must had received login details in your email that you had used during signup process.

If you logged in your C Panel account than your opened window will be looking like this (check page-7).


Click on ‘install WordPress’ and it will open new page (Image-8).


Now click on marketplace and select add new domain.

select your domain from drop down list and leave directory option blank and hit check domain.


It will open a new page (Image-11).


Type your ‘site name or title’ and fill up admin user details and check declaration button.  After that click on install now button. it will start WordPress installation process. Just wait for few seconds. After successful installation it will come up with new page.


click on ‘view credentials’ button (Image-12).


Now you can see your WP login credentials save these details and close the window. (Image-13).  Let’s login to WordPress admin page.

How to login in WordPress admin

On previous step, we install WordPress, now we will log in WordPress admin area and we will also do some changes in blog settings.

To log in WordPress area, we need to add ‘WP-Admin’ in domain name. If my domain name is ‘’. I will add like this ‘’  if you can access your WordPress admin area than  it will be look like this (image-14).


Type your username or email address in first text area, type your password too and hit log in. If your detail is correct you will be logged in on WordPress dashboard (Image-15).


After successful log in we will make few changes on our blog and after that our blog will be ready to work. For your convenience.

Here, i have write down some work list and we will go through on every topic one by one.

  • Basic changes for blog
  • Install theme
  • Install Plugin
  • Secure blog
  • submit sitemap to google

Basic changes for blog

First hover your mouse on setting on the left side bar and click on Permalink option.


Setting up your permalinks setting is very important for SEO. Default permalink setting of WordPress is not SEO friendly. So we change default permalink setting to post name check below image.


After changing permalink, now we setting up our admin account setting.

Hover your mouse on users and click on all users. Here you can see all users who connected to your sites. These users can be your subscribers, authors or admin. Right now Image- 18 showing only one user and it is admin.


If you hover your mouse on user, you can see edit option. click on edit and new page will be open.


Here you can change user details. Make sure your ‘user name’ and ‘display publicly name as’ should not be same. If your user name and display name is same, you are an easy target for hackers. If your username is admin change it too.

what is WordPress theme and plugin

Theme is a collection of files which pre – built by WordPress developers. In we can use two version of a theme. The first version is a free version that we can easily install from our WordPress dashboard and the second version is a pro version.

For a pro version of a theme we need to pay developer. Pro version also gives extra functionality to our blog and if we encountered any problem in theme, developer will assists us personally.

Plugin is also a pre built code file that provides extra functionality to our blog. It’s also having two versions. We can download free version from WP dashboard and for pro version we need to pay developers.

Install Theme

If you visit your site, you will see default theme is set on your blog and I really don’t like this theme. So let’s change our theme first.

But before changing blog theme, I want to advise you that free WordPress theme means free problem, you also missed many functionality in free version. So if you are not out of budget than purchase a premium SEO friendly theme which suits your blog.

You can purchase a good theme for your blog from theme forest. Just click on =>Theme Forest<= link and you will be land on their website.


Hover your mouse on WordPress menu item and click on blog.


Select responsive so that you can get mobile friendly theme.


In ‘sales’ option select high or top sellers and in rating option select ‘4 star and higher.’


In ‘date added option’ you can check according to your choice but choosing last year option is more better.

Third option related to ‘compatible with’ here you can choose option according to your blog requirement.  If you want enable social networking in your blog you can check Buddy-press.

so the result of themes come up with buddy press compatible themes.


The second option related to WordPress version so check latest version of WordPress. check above image-24 for versions.

click on any theme whose you want to see preview, if you like any theme purchased it and download.

After downloading theme come back to your WP dashboard.

Theme install WP


In the left side bar of you dashboard. hover your mouse on Appearance. Select theme option.

Add new theme and installed


Here we can check our installed and active theme in our blog. Image 26 show that i have two themes Phlox and magzium. Magzium theme is active now so customize option is appearing.

Add new Theme

To add new theme click on add new.

theme install or upload new one


If you have purchased a theme click on upload. on new page upload main and child theme one by one and hit install else you have no theme click on feature filter option or you can search new one if you find a specific theme for your blog.

If you have clicked on feature filter the new page will be look like this.

theme filter


The first ‘feature filter’ option show blog type. Whether you want to start a blog or news website, select any one which you like.

theme functions


Now select feature of your theme. I marked red all those option which will help to select a good theme. You can select other option too, if you want any other feature.

theme layout


Select layout of your theme. You can choose two columns or one column as you like. Hit apply filter and all themes will appear which include all these features.

Select layout of your theme. You can choose two columns or one column as you like. Hit apply filter and all themes will appear which included all these features.


Click install to add theme or you can see preview of theme before installation. After installing theme activate it and you will redirected to installed theme page (Image-26). Hit customize button of active theme.

theme customization


Live preview of your theme will be look something like this. Before starting customization in our theme, we need to understand theme areas.

theme header


In above Image you can see header area contain menu bar, logo, search bar and some social icons, rest of area is include content area and sidebar.

theme Footer


If we scroll down to the bottom, we can see our footer area. Image 33 showing footer area, content area and sidebar.

In image 32 you can clearly see these options, so customize them according to your choice. When you finish, hit published and click on cross mark at the top, on left side bar.

For your blog logo, search in Google online logo maker. There you can create your logo and upload it on your blog.

If you want to know how you can add menu item see our article ‘how to add menu item.’

How to install plugin

To add new plugin hover your mouse on plugin option in left side bar and click on add new

add plugin


To see installed plugin list click on ‘installed plugins’ that will show you many plugin installed in your blog.

add new plugin


In this page you can upload plugin, install plugin and search plugin. in search plugins area type yoast and hit enter.

Install and activate the plugin. To configure yoast SEO plugin see our guide how configure yoast SEO plugin.

After configuring come back to your dashboard.

Now we will secure our blog. To secure our blog we can use a plugin. Again hover your mouse on plugin section and click on add new.

Now type security in plugin search area and hit enter. Now you can see some plugin which can use for security.

security plugi n wp

First two plugin (wordfence security, all in WP security) is best for security. We use All in one on our site so install any plugin to enhance your blog security, both works fine.

Submit sitemap to Google

As we have done almost everything for a good blog now submit a sitemap to Google. We submit a sitemap to google to crawl our site more efficiently. If you want to know more about sitemap than read this article on Google forum.

To submit a sitemap, we need to login on Google webmaster account. Click on this link => Google search console<= and you will redirect to Google search console.

search console

Here click on start now and login in your Google account. Follow the instruction and you will see this page.


Click on sitemap and you will see below page.

sitemap submit

Now you can see add a new sitemap area. Come back to your WP dashboard and hover your mouse on SEO section and click on general option.

sitemap by yoast

Now click on feature tab and you can above page.

yoast sitemap

Scroll down and find XML sitemap option. If XML sitemap option is off than turned on and click on question mark icon. Question mark icon expands and you can see ‘see the XML sitemap’ link.

Open this link in new window and it will open page like below screenshot.

sitemap url

Now you can see your sitemap. copy the url which is like sitemap_index.xml and go to search console.

sitemap submit

Paste the URL which you copy earlier and hit submit button. This is how you can submit your sitemap to Google.

Now come back to your WP dashboard and create new post for your blog. To create new post hover your mouse on post and click on add new. This is all to build a WP blog.

If you need help ask in comment or contact me, i will personally help you.

If you want more post related to blog, don’t forget to subsribe our news latter.

Note- This post contain affiliate links.

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