I am Sandeep from India and I am the person who create this blog. As English is not my native language, so I will try my best to express my thoughts error free.

I build this blog to help people who want to know how to start a WordPress blog in the right way. When a beginner starts his first blog, he/she commits many mistakes.

These mistakes could be in the website design or technical one, that may affect your whole blog and SEO. I am the one, who also made such type of mistakes, when I started my first blog.

So I can feel better, how others feel when they do the same. After a certain time, these mistakes lead to shut down their blog. As all beginners do not have enough money to spend on blog designing and SEO.

So these mistakes could be done by any beginner. All money and effort goes waste and this make us feel very bad, who face such kind of situation. So I am here to help you and tell you everything about my blogging experience that leads to success in the blogging field.

Do not worry, I will not ask you that you should have coding knowledge to get succeed in the blogging field, because I am the one who also not have enough knowledge of coding.

I will share all my experiences of blogging in simple English language and coding free. Hope you would like my effort and appreciate if it is helpful to you. so start your journey on blogging today without any hesitation.



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